LA Studios

Occupying a 14-acre site in downtown Los Angeles, the LA studios redevelopment represents a fundamental shift in mixed-use urban design in Southern California. Centred on a pedestrian oriented ‘main street’ comprised of local serving retail and employment spaces, the studio site aims to accommodate all types of housing tenures and incomes while mixing unique film-related employment and local commercial activity to coalesce in a vibrant and active community.

Designed around people-oriented streets with cars well accommodated in the background, the intent is to create a real neighbourhood, with opportunities to walk to all basic daily needs. Comprised of over 8 million sq.ft. of development, the plan represents one of the most significant developments in the US.

River Mile Denver

Representing one of the most significant Urban redevelopments in the United States, the Rivermile seeks to reconnect Denver to it’s river edge while providing a publicly focused, sustainable and walkable urban environment. Focused on a approximately 3-acre central park and gathering space, the development seeks to create a thriving mixed-use urban district unlike any other. With approximately 15 million square feet of development, a variety of walkable experiences characterize the spaces between buildings and along the River’s edge.

All of the mile long river’s edge is publicly accessible, highlighted by pedestrian bridges over the South Platte River. Roads have been carefully designed as pedestrian first environments and all parking and loading is accommodated on building sites. Alan Boniface helped lead the project for Revesco in partnership with SAR of Denver.

The Park

Located in the Bankers Hill area of San Diego this 14 Storey mixed-use building focuses on creating a high-quality public edge in this growing urban neighbourhood. At the Park in San Diego, we brought lessons learned in Vancouver about public realm and the thresholds between private and public to a site overlooking Balboa Park in the Bankers Hill area.

Townhomes, lobby, and retail spaces present an openness and willingness to engage with the street that is unusual for this growing urban district. Private courtyards, sweeping balconies, generous amenities and stunning views in all directions make the residences stand out, while refined materials, details and approach to the sidewalk help it to fit in. The building set a new standard for urban private and public spaces in the city.

Marina Centre

Marina Centre is a large mixed-use development in the San Miguel neighbourhood of Lima. The project represents a new vision of what urban living in Lima could look like. It inverts the recent vernacular of inward-looking courtyards, gates, and fences and turns the building to face the street. The four towers are arranged around a multi-level central outdoor public mall with a continuous edge of retail on the three street faces.

The terraced building forms are shaped to allow for maximum daylighting of the public spaces both at grade and on the various upper-level terraces. The project includes a supermarket, theatre, offices, gym, hotel, residential apartments, restaurants, and retail. Designed with the local community in mind, the building offers an opportunity to reinvigorate a part of the city that has not seen a lot of investment in recent years.

Memphis Crosstown

Perhaps one of the most meaningful infusions of community building in the US South, Crosstown is a poignant collaboration of many local organizations leading to a profoundly impactful mixed-use regional hub. A winner of numerous social, heritage and design awards from the 2019 AIA National Architecture award to the 2019 Ruddy Bruner Gold Medal Award, as well as LEED Platinum Certification, the creation of Crosstown was a local act of love.

While at DIALOG and collaborating with LRK and SAP, Alan Boniface helped lead the design team and the realization of a facility housing a major art facility as well as retail, housing, medical, industrial, and education uses within a 1.25 million square-foot Historically listed former warehouse. A truly ground-breaking ‘vertical-village’, Crosstown continues to evolve, growing and influencing local neighbourhoods and the entire City of Memphis.