East Hastings & Semlin

1943-1999 East Hastings located along a major transit arterial in the heart of the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood, close to the thriving Commercial Drive corridor. Along with at-grade retail and live-work units, an outdoor ‘urban room’ contributes to the vibrancy of the public realm, anchoring the corner of the building and connecting the building to the life of the street. In response to the movement along East Hastings, sawtooth balconies help create the building’s dynamic form while optimizing building energy performance with a simplified envelope.

Inspired by the neighbouring light industrial buildings, the textured cladding reinforces the building’s angles and adds visual interest throughout different lighting conditions. All units enjoy private outdoor space as well as a shared rooftop amenity terrace with views of Downtown Vancouver and the North Shore Mountains.

120,000 sf
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